Game Development ODDities

Developing a game is very much a marathon, not a sprint  

Throughout the 2-5 years or more it takes to create a game, you will experience moments of triumph, hardship, satisfaction, and frustration and moments that are downright... odd (hehe get it)

As an example, something odd happened when testing out one of Odd Infinitum's laser weapons: Gauss Cannon

Gauss Cannon is a weapon that can be charged as long as the fire button is held.  The longer it's held, the more its power level increases (up to power level 3), which in-turn multiplies its damage output.

While testing out Gauss Cannon, this happened:

Essentially, the Gauss Cannon "charge" remained active instead of getting destroyed like it's supposed to.  The charge remained there and fired a Gauss bullet each time the fire button was pressed.

Although this was odd and unintended, it gave me several ideas for a possible future in-game weapon.  

Perhaps a drone could be deployed that hovers around where the player is and a button could be dedicated to firing the drone's laser?  

Or better yet... a living alien weapon that could be remotely controlled by the player through... telepathy

Here is another humorous example of game objects not doing what they're supposed to:

I figure this needs no explanation :)

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